Student FAQs

What's Workkola?

Workkola is a platform that puts higher education students and startups together through real-world projects. These projects have a direct relation with your education, so you can make them focusing on your classwork or as voluntary projects. They are not internships, so you can make them whenever you want.

When doing these projects, you get real experience, build a portfolio and your online reputation and improve your professional network. We help you find your first job by getting you prepared for the labor market before finishing them.

Project types

  • Basic projects. Startups look for your collaboration for specific projects. These projects have direct relation with your education, so you can make them applying coursework or as voluntary projects. Thanks to them, you will be able to gain relevant work experience, put into practice your skills, improve your resume and build your professional network; you make yourself more employable, you differentiate yourself and you make the world know who you are!

  • Recruiting projects. Startups look for specific profiles for their teams. Basically they are remote recruiting processes to fill vacancies (job positions, internships or co-founders). They focus on senior-year students ready to start their professional career. You will get the same benefits than basic projects do, but, if you are the selected one, you’ll join the team!

    It’s interesting that before applying to recruiting projects you start with some basic projects to get some previous endorsements and validations and get more opportunities to get drafted. Bear in mind that more projects you do on Workkola, better your public profile will be and more attractive you’ll be for current and potential employers within the platform or not (you can share your public profile on your social networks or you can use it for external job applications)!

Benefits for students

  • Realistic, accurate and valuable hands-on experiences before finishing your degree.
  • Get your first job by using the platform
  • Build your own portfolio by using your class assignments, case studies and side projects.
  • Build your online reputation and work on your personal brand.
  • A tool for validating your skills and your attitude facing real challenges.
  • Leverage your networking with cool and trendy startups.

How does Workkola work?

That’s the platform flow:

  1. Sign up for the platform adding your educational background and the skills you want to work on, validate and improve.
  2. Find the perfect project for you on your “project feed” and start collaborating with startups right now.
    1. Get remote and valuable work experience when building your online reputation thanks to our Basic Projects.
    2. Find your dream job opportunity related to your specialty thanks to our Recruiting Projects.
  3. Once a Project selected, you will be able to communicate and collaborate with the startup’s reps (chat, exchange files). Ask them for feedback and information you may need to achieve the tasks and the project. Don’t be shy! They want to see you’re able to assume responsibilities.
  4. Be aware of the deadline of the project! You must respect the time frame and the format required as deliverables (pdf, png, doc…).
  5. Get feedback and ratings from the startup you have worked with about your final deliverables, your work, your skills and the value you have added to the company. Use this information to strengthen your skills and work on your weaknesses. The ratings and feedback given by the startup will directly affect your public score and profile.
  6. Give feedback and rate the startup to help the community know which is the most engaged company.

Correct use of Workkola - What should/shouldn't I do?

  1. You should not pick a project from your project feed if you are not going to be able to do it successfully. If you start collaborating with a startup you need to make sure you are able to do it in time and in the format required.
  2. You should not start any other project that the one posted by the startup on Workkola.
  3. If you finish a project with a startup that wants to keep collaborating with you, ask them to publish a new project with the new project specifications. Only projects between Users on the Workkola’s Platform are under our Terms of Services (TOS), Collaboration Contract Policy and Privacy Policy. Remember that only the projects done on Workkola help you build your portfolio and reputation and affect your public profile. Profile that is crucial in order to prepare your perfect landing into the labor market.
  4. You should not leave unattended ratings and feedbacks for the startups you have been collaborating with. The community depends on your validations, ratings and comments to be valuable and useful.
  5. You shouldn’t share nor publish the information shared with you by the company or other members. This information is exclusively shared with you to get the best possible result for the project you are collaborating with them. You can’t use this information for any other reason but the project itself or the ones specified on the TOS or the Collaboration Contract Policy.

Do I need to be an undergrad or graduate student to select projects?

We recommend you to currently be an undergrad or graduate student to use Workkola as a student user. We aim to make experiential learning more accessible to students, institutions and programs and we focus on helping you, as a student, to make a difference and get a better access to the labor market.

If you already are graduated and you want to get more a better options to find your dream job, you are also welcome to our community.

Is there any long-term contract with the community?

We don’t like unhappy users, so, you are free to leave whenever you want! You can use the platform according to your needs and interests. We encourage you, if you decide to collaborate in a project, to keep working on it until the due date, and to make all your best to successfully achieve it in time, quality and format agreed.

If, despite breaking our heart, you decide that you don’t want to continue being part of the community, don’t hesitate in sending us an email to making us know that you want to leave Workkola. We will be always happy to see you again.

Can I apply to a Recruiting Project if I have never done a Basic Project before?

Yes, you can, but we recommend you to do some previous Basic Projects to get valuable experience, start building your online reputation on the platform and get more opportunities to get finally drafted. More empiric evidences you have about your attitude and skills (reviews, recommendations, endorsements) more willing the company will be to get you on board.

I can't find my university, college, institution, degree or program when I'm completing my profile or on my settings. What can I do?

Sorry, there are thousands of universities, colleges, ed programs and degrees! We could have missed some of them but don’t worry, just drop us a line to with the subject “Add my University/Degree/Program”€ and we will add it in less than 24 hours. In the meantime you can pick any other one and modify it once we have added it by accessing to your settings. We will email you once added.

I have some doubts about one of the projects

If you don’t know if you want/can collaborate in one of the projects, you can directly ask a public question to the startup on the project description. This question will be visible to other members of the community.

I like a project. How can I get started?

To start a project, you should first make sure that the project matches your skills (if you find it on your personal project feed, it does). Then, click on the project and click again on “Let’s collaborate”. Make sure you agree the TOS, the Collaboration Contract Policy and the Privacy Policy before clicking on it. This done, you will be officially a collaborator for this project. Don’t forget to introduce yourself to the company by using the chat!

I am a little bit scared about engaging in a project because I don't know if I'm going to be able to meet the expectations of the company

Don’t worry, some users feel the same. Companies that use and post projects on Workkola know that Workkola is designed for current students with little or none work experience. We call them junior profiles. The company is specifically looking for your profile. If you feel that you would love to get involved on the project, and you feel that you can do your best, just go ahead! They need you and your talent to scale up their businesses or they are looking for young talents. Anyways, you can always ask them for more information that could help you decide (see next point) before getting involved.

I've selected a project but the startup doesn't answer me. What should I do?

First thing we recommend you to do is to try to contact the company’s rep using the chat you’ll find on your user profile. If you don’t get answered in the next couple of days, send us an email to (subject: “Got no answer”) indicating the name of the startup and the name of the project.