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get sh*t done

Move forward with your backlog of work or those tasks you never achieve to complete due to a lack of time or skills.


Access career-oriented students with digital skills from great universities and innovation schools, with real ATTITUDE and already validated and segmented for their talent by the community.

super easy. super fast. super startup

Without paperwork, without bullshit, and in a few days. Save time and money to invest in growing your business.

Take it to the next level

1- Create your profile
In just a few clicks you will get everything settled to start posting your projects

2- Post your project
Choose if posting a “Learning Project” or a “Trial Project + Job Offer”, pick the area that best fits with your needs and provide all the additional information required.

3- Pre- select your candidates
Once the deadline to apply to your project is over, you will have to pre-select the candidates that you like most. Have a look at their metrics, evaluations and recommendations from other startups to help you take an informed decision.

4- Select your final candidates
Pre-selected candidates have 24h to confirm their willingness to collaborate. After that, you will have 24h more to select the final candidate(s)

5- Let’s go!
Chat, manage and work hand in hand with your final collaborator(s). All the projects are thought to be carried out in 7 days maximum, always keeping in contact with each other.

6- Get the result and rate
As soon as you receive the deliverable, the collaboration is to be considered ended. Now it’s time for you to evaluate the candidate(s)

More than 600 projects performed

Content Writing

Digital Business

Graphic Design

Digital Marketing & Growth Hacking

Frontend & Backend Development


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You will only pay at the time to start your collaboration and ever only after having already selected the candidates you like most.

Learning Project

(price from)
  • Launch your project to get students from our community challenge each other in delivering the best work

  • Projects to be completed in 7 days

  • 1 candidate maximum

  • Posting free of charge

  • Talent Algorithm with improved matching system

  • Pay only when selecting your final collaborator

  • Flat fee. No hidden extras.

Get remote help

Trial project + Job offer

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$99/job offer
  • Launch your project to search for and test the perfect candidates for an internship or a regular job, whether on-site or even on remote. Reduce the overall risks and costs thanks to our “Talent Branding” and “Community-driven Recruitment” system, emphasizing candidates’ top metrics, ratings and recommendations obtained from collaborating with other startups of our community.

  • Projects to be completed at least in 9 days

  • 5 candidates maximum

  • Posting free of charge

  • Talent Algorithm with improved matching system

  • Pay only when selecting your final candidates

  • Flat fee. No hidden extras.


Bye bye resumé. Welcome Talent-Branding

Talent-Branding and 360º metrics at your service to help you take informed decisions. Riskless. Faster. Costless.

From the best schools and universities

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“Thanks to Workkola we met a group of really talented students who analyzed our business from a new perspective. The experience was very positive.”

Christian Rodriguez |

“We used workkola to capture diamonds for our digital marketing team. With a single blow, and in less than a week, we accessed a lot of postgraduates students from different universities and schools eager to do things. I think the key was the attitude of the candidates we got.”

Juan Carlos Expósito | Verse

“The guys we worked with helped us envision our product and community strategies holding a fresh and an analytical vision. Sometimes we get so immersed in our daily work that external support helps you view things differently. We all learned a lot and were very happy with the attitude shown by the students, with whom we would d like to remain contact.”

Ignasi Giralt | Badi