FQs estudiantes

What is Workkola?

Workkola is a platform that connects higher education students to companies (startups, tech-companies and “cool corporations”) on a project basis for talent development, personal branding, valuable and remote professional experience and recruitment. 

These projects are directly related to your academic background allowing you to perform them as part of your course. However, you can also work on them voluntarily. Furthermore, it is important not to mistake projects for internships as they differ from them in that you can start whenever you want, wherever you want

Performing projects means gaining real experience, building a portfolio and improving your professional network. Everything you do on Workkola, is directly reflected on your dynamic public profile that aims to substitute your old-fashioned resumé or CV, bringing real data and evolving metrics about your hard and soft skills, values and strengths.

This aims at making easier for you to find a fulfilling entry-level job consequently helping you to launch your career.

What types of project can I realize on Workkola?
  • Learning Project. This type of project works as a timely collaboration, (length from 7 to 15 days) between a company (mostly seed and early-stage startups) and a student. These projects are directly related to your University modules, academic background and professional aspirations so that you can perform them as part of your course as well as on a voluntary basis.

    Our intention is to accompany you throughout your learning experience by providing the opportunity of putting your skills into practice, improving both your portfolio and professional network, lastly leading to a more visible and employable professional profile.

    Remember that these basic projects will make you stand out from the crowd helping you get your dream job.

  • Trial Project + Job Offer. This type of project is meant to be a pre-assessment tool for those startups looking for a junior profile to employ. They are designed for students, about to or that have just graduated, hungry to find an awesome and significant entry-level job. In order to access the job opportunity offered by the company, you will need to complete a 7-days trial project (very similar to the learning project itself).

    By applying to this type of project, you are likely to get a regular job offer (in-house or remote, full-time or part-time), internships or even a partner contract, depending on what specified by the company.

    The more the Learning Projects you complete, the more the experience, validations and recommendations you will get, and therefore the higher becomes the probability of success when applying to a Trial Project + Job Offer. Companies base their final decision on your Workkola’s public profile, the recommendations and metrics reflected, and your performance in the trial project.
  • Fast-track Offer. You will also find job offers, internships and partnership contracts without any trial project related. They are fast-tracks to get any of those professional opportunities and they will be unlocked based on your level in the platform. In these cases, Workkola’s algorithm will filter on the base of your performance and Learning and Trial projects as well as on the info you have provided to us.

    Once you have applied to this type of projects, we will propose you as a candidate to the companies , if you are a good fit, will invite you to their recruiting processes, inside or outside Workkola.

    The more the information we get from you and the more the projects you complete, the more fast-track offers you will unlock.
How do the rewards and gamification work?
By completing a project (Learning or Trial) you get points and skill points that are directly related to your performance on the project, the kind of project and your level in the platform. Your points have a very important role in the platform:

  • By accumulating points, you will get to the next level. This means that you will get more points by completing future projects, and you will unlock new and more specific job opportunities
  • Skill points help you upgrade and validate your skills. Companies assign a certain number of skill points to your selected skills at the end of each project.
  • Points are also redeemable for rewards. We want you to get closer to your desired job using our platform, and investing in your development is a win-win for both. At workkola, your effort is rewarded. Points can be redeemed for free online courses on e-learning platforms, discounts in masters or postgraduate degrees and cash-back scholarships (actually cash grants to support your learning with material or whatever you could need).
What are the benefits for a student?
  • A full learning experience with more practical and challenging training before accessing the job market
  • Easier access to your very first job experience
  • Experience and projects portfolio to exhibit to companies
  • A supporting tool to dynamically show your attitude, hard skills, soft skills, values and talent inclination
    A dynamic and powerful alternative to resumé and CV, not based on your background and static past performance, but on your potential to achieve professional targets proved by company-based endorsements, and tangible metrics
  • Development and differentiation of your personal brand
  • Access to wide netowork of contacts
How does it work?
  1. Sign up specifying your academic background and your skills.
  2. Pick and apply to the perfect projects based on your skills and preferences and wait for the startup to confirm your application.
    1. If you aim to acquire experience and develop your personal brand before completing your studies, pick a Learning Project.
    2. If you aim to get a job relevant to your education, pick a Trial Project + Job Offer or a Fast-track Offer (depending on your level in the platform)
  3. Once you have been selected for a project, an internal chat will be enabled to let you communicate with the company’s team (talk, share files…) and ask for all the necessary information to successfully complete the project.
  4. Give your best from the beginning until the end and deliver your project in the adequate format before the specified deadline (pdf, png, doc…).
  5. The startup, which you have collaborated with, is required to assess your skills. This evaluation will be visible and displayed in your public profile of Workkola, working as an overall introduction to find your first job.
  6. Rate the startup. Your reference to the community is valuable in order to know and share the level of involvement and support of companies.
Correct use of Workkola – NOT to do’s
  • Do not apply to a project if you are not going to be able to devote the necessary time to develop it successfully. If you decide to start collaborating on a project, you are agreeing to deliver it on time and in the form determined in the project description.
  • Do not perform a different project than the actual one the company needs.
  • If you successfully complete a project and the startup shows interest in continuing to collaborate with you on new projects, request them to post on Workkola. This ensures that you can keep being evaluated and rewarded through the platform allowing your public profile to improve and become more attractive for future job opportunities. Moreover, it is important not forget that the collaboration is done under our Collaboration Contract Policy.
  • Do not complete a project without submitting your final rating of the startup you have collaborated with. Each rating is crucial to help the community know the value that each of the startups is likely to bring.
  • Do not share or publish confidential information you have been provided with. The information you receive from the ocmpanies is instrumental to allowing you develop your project and you can not use it for other purposes. You will find more info about this topic in our Collaboration Contract Policy.
What happens if, once selected in a project, I do not perform it?

If for some reason you cannot perform a project, please contact the company as soon as possible. The company will be able to cancel the project and it won’t be reflected in your profile in any way. We just empower positive feedback. However, if you fail to your commitment several times, the algorithm will downgrade your internal position and you will be less likely proposed to companies, job offers and projects.

I have been selected for a project but I have not heard from the company. What do I do?

The first thing we recommend is that you write in the specific chat to introduce yourself again. Should you not receive any answer within 1 or 2 days, send us an email at info@workkola.com with subject line “No answer” specifying both the name of the startup and the project. We will personally take care of informing them!

The project ended without the company rating my work. What do I do?
The first thing to do is to get in touch with the head of the company through the chat on Workkola. If you do not receive any reply, contact us by sending an email to
info@workkola.com with subject line “I have not received any evaluation”. We will do everything possible to get in touch with the company and investigate the reason why your project was not rated. In any case, if you don’t get any rating before 30 days after completing the project, you will get the standard rating (Earn the points and skill points as a completed project).

What if I have concerns about how the company has behaved?
If you have any concerns about any aspects of an company’s behavior, whether on the chat feature or any other channel, please contact our support centre at
info@workkola.com with the subject line “Name of the company’s behavior” as soon as possible. We will be able to provide support and advise you on appropriate action.
Do I need to be a student?

You need to be a current higher education student, pursuing an undergraduate, postgraduate, online learning course, learning bootcamp or master’s degree at university or any other higher education institution, platform (online or offline) or specific program. Just-graduated students from any of those programs are also welcome to be part of our community.

Workkola is a platform that wants to promote a better education by putting into practice the skills acquired during the academic studies.

Can I apply to a Trial Project + Job Offer even though I have never performed a Learning Project?

Yes, you can. However, we highly recommend that you have previously completed a number of Learning Projects, so that your experienced profile can speak for you and persuade more easily the company to accept your request for an open position.

I have doubts about a specific project. What do I do?

If you have doubts and/or are not sure on whether to collaborate in a project or not, you can directly ask the startup in the designated area below the project description.

How can I use my Workkola public profile?

Your Workkola’s profile is your biggest asset within the platform. It is your dynamic portfolio and your Talent Brand. You can edit and customize it whenever you need and it is the base of any activity within Workkola (eg: accessing to job offers and fast-track offers). However, we want you to get the most out of it so we recommend you to share it in external recruiting processes (online but also offline), on your social networks (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, …) and on any other platform or ways you think it might be beneficial to you.

What happens to my public profile after few years I graduated or if I want to delete it?

Your public profile is your dynamic portfolio and it’s valuable if you need it. It’s yours, and you can decide at any time if you want it or not to be public. We will add new features to give you more control over the information shared on your public profile in the near future but, during the meanwhile, you can ask us to remove your profile from public visibility at any time by sending us an email to info@workkola.com with the subject line “Delete my public profile”.