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What is Workkola?

Workkola is a platform that connects higher education students to companies (startups, tech-companies and “cool corporations”) on a project basis for on-demand talent help and recruiting. The projects available are of three kinds:

  • Learning Project. 
  • Trial Project + Job Offer. 
  • Fast-track Offer. 
What is a "Learning Project"?

This type of project works as a timely collaboration between a company (mostly seed and early-stage startups) and a student, between 7 and 15 days in length. It is your solution if you have a backlog of projects or just want to move forward any idea or work you may deal with by getting help from students of higher education who are attending specific training courses and possess the necessary skills to develop it successfully.

There are 8 different areas in the platform:

  • Digital Marketing and Growth Hacking
  • Business Development and Strategy
  • Design and UX/UI
  • Web and App Frontend Development
  • Web and App Backend Development
  • Content creation and Communication
  • Data and Web Analytics

Each of the above areas includes a number of specific different projects to post to let students help you with their completion.

What is a "Trial Project + Job Offer" ?

This type of project is meant to help you seek talented junior profiles to join your startup as a regular worker, intern or even a partner. Students are required to elaborate a real project in the area where the job opening falls into, within 7 days. The overall goal is to assess whether they are capable enough to demonstrate their skills and attitude make them the perfect candidate. In addition to the trial project that every candidate must do, you can check and review their profiles, their performance metrics (related to hard and soft skills, values, personality, talents and attitudes), and their validations and recommendations from other companies. Everything to help you take the fastest and best decision.

What is a “Fast-track Offer" ?

This type of special project will help you access to higher-level of candidates based on their performance metrics on our platform. You can set special requirements to vet top candidates with tracked record and fill your recruiting pipeline even faster.

If I post a "Trial Project + Job Offer", am I obliged to hire someone?

No, you are not committed to hire anybody. We wish you could find and hire a candidate who best fits with the vacancy at your company but it will always be your own decision, likewise with regard to the type of contract.

Right use of Workkola - What do not I have to do?
  • Do not share confidential information regarding your company in the project description. You can provide candidates with more accurate information through the internal chat of the platform.
  • Do not demand to the student more work than what specified in the project description. If you need a larger collaboration, you are suggested to post more projects.
  • Do not evaluate students subjectively. Do it only based on the work performed, their attitude and the outcomes received.
  • Do not post projects if you think you are not going to have enough time to dedicate to the candidates. The purpose is that both of you benefit from collaborating. If you do not provide the necessary information and support, the collaboration is likely going to lack value for both sides.

  • Do not forget to rate the student every time a project is concluded.
Benefits for my startup?
  • Access to timely collaborations on a project-basis..
  • Access to “fresh”, original and out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Access to a multidisciplinary ecosystem of talented students.
  • Save time and money
  • Make better and faster decisions for your talent acquisition funnel.
  • Find top-rated members for your team.
  • Access to a young talent management platform.
How do I hire a student?

To be able to hire a student, you have to post a Trial Project + Job Offer or a Fast-track Offer. After this, students will apply for it and you will be able to preselect and select the ones that you prefer (you shall see each candidate’s profile) and test the candidates (only for Trial Project + Job Offer) before making your decision. It is up to you to select the candidate you finally want to hire. You are not obliged to hire the student but if you want to do so, you will need to commit to what you have published on your offer.
Do I need to "be" a startup to post a project?

Workkola focuses on innovative companies and entrepreneurs. You don’t “need” to be a startup, we also target teams of entrepreneurs with just an idea, and big companies with an innovative approach to a problem. Neither it matters the stage of your startup or company nor is necessary it is incorporated as a company. What really matters is to have an innovative element as well as a dynamic and disruptive spirit.

Who is going to collaborate on my project?

Any student or just-graduate student registered to Workkola, who is attending:

  • an undergraduate,
  • postgraduate,
  • learning bootcamp,
  • online learning course,
  • master’s degree at university,
  • any other higher education institution, platform (online or offline),
  • attending any specific program that match your project.

You will have the option of checking what they have done before, their soft and hard skills metrics, their ratings, endorsements and background (students’ public profiles) before selecting your final candidate(s).

Do I have to pay to publish my project or job offer?
You can publish your Learning Project, Trial Project + Job Offer, or Fast-track Offer for free and with no credit card needed! We will only charge you once you have selected your final candidate(s) and right before starting.
Why do I need to pay upfront for projects?

Companies are asked to pay upfront for projects once the final candidate/s has/have been selected in order to protect the interests and security of both users. If the project is not completed, or when completed it does not meet your expectations you will receive a full refund (bear in mind that Workkola, Inc is a US-based C-Corp and all prices are in USD. Differences due to fluctuation of currencies or bank commissions can occur if you are not paying in US dollars or through a US bank account). 

How do I make sure the information shared with my collaborators remains confidential?

When a user registers to Workkola, he is accepting the Terms of Services, the Collaboration Contract Policy and the Privacy Policy of the platform. These include an agreement of confidentiality between collaborators with respect to all information shared through the platform itself or any other channel related to Workkola.

Either way, we recommend not sharing confidential information of vital importance to your startup in any public field.

We also highly recommend you to not share any credit card number, password or credentials through our platform (and likewise through any other platform that is not expressly prepared to do so!)

One of my collaborators does not reply to my messages. What do I do?

The first thing to do is to get in touch with the Workkola team by sending an email to info@workkola.com with subject line “A collaborator does not respond”. We will do our best to get in touch with the collaborator to find out the reason.

In the event that the collaborator keeps not replying, you must cancel the project in your project board and evaluate it negatively in the assessment that is performed each time a project ends. This negative assessment will be helpful to penalize those students who are not fully involved in the projects selected. We will also refund you the money you paid in the next 30 days and after having investigated your case.

The project has ended but the collaborator has not delivered his/her final work. What do I do?

The first thing to do is to get in touch with the student through the Workkola platform chat to try to explore the reason why he/she has not delivered the project. If you do not receive any response from the student, contact the Workkola team by sending an email to info@workkola.com with subject line “I have not received the final delivery”. We will do everything possible to contact the collaborator to figure out the reason that prevented him from delivering or responding in the chat.

Whether the collaborator delays in the delivery or just does not deliver anything, you should take it into account when evaluating him/her. You can also add time to the project’s deadline if you want. If, still, the collaborator doesn’t show up, you can cancel the project and assess the collaborator’s work at any time. This assessment will be helpful to penalize those collaborators who are not fully involved in the project or simply do not meet the specified deadlines.

I need help with a project that is not available on the platform. What do I do?

You must contact the Workkola team to enable the project you need. You can do it by sending an email to info@workkola.com with subject line “Custom Project”. The Workkola team will explore the possibility of adding this new project to the ones currently defined.